When Experience joins Innovation

Temix Oleo has taken form by the synergy of two leader industries, focusing itself on eco-sustainability.

Temix Oleo arises from the merger of two consolidated realities, Oleochimica Italia and Temix International, who share the same corporate vision: the handling of high quality chemical products in respect of sustainable chemistry. Experience and innovation meet themselves, the manufacturing and commercial skills place Temix Oleo at the top of the Italian and European markets.


Supporting the principle of green chemistry in many areas such as lubrication, auxiliary industry, textile and leather industry, production of resins, adhesives and abrasives, cleansing products, personal care and cosmetics, Temix Oleo manufactures and markets chemical products made from renewable sources.

New Agreement

Temix Oleo and Acme-Hardesty Co., have signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI)
for Acme Hardesty to distribute Temix Oleo product range in the US...

Our Philosophy

Respect the planet is one of the main aspects that characterize Temix Oleo.

With the help of cutting edge technology, the concept of working through green chemistry realizes, making our company mission aimed to increase care and attention to the environment.


Temest H35

Pelargonic Acid Ester           Biodegradable basestock fluid

with high oxidative stability.

Kinematic Viscosity @40°C: 21 cSt

Pour Point: -48 °C

Flash Point: 255 °C

Iodine Velue: 1 gI2/100g



and Development

The market is constantly changing, the ability to innovate is likely to be increasingly important, in fact, the research and development (R & D) is the only engine for the growth of a company. For Temix Oleo technological innovation will represent an investment in connection with the business strategy.

Green Chemistry

Always embrace the principle of green chemistry, a concept that aims to route the sustainability of the approach routes to the chemical industry through technological progress.


Customized Products

Temix Oleo is also able to supply “tailor made” products managing to deal with the unique and detailed Customer’s requirements.

For any further technical details, get in contact with our Sales Offices.

Temix Oleo Srl

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Production site

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 10

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www.temixoleo.com - global@temixoleo.com


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Capital € 1.500.000,00

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